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Briceño 18 is a world-class golf course and practice facility close to Bogatá, Colombia

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO – Pizá Golf, recognized internationally for their innovative approach to golf course architecture which blends traditional British fundamentals with contemporary innovative designs from North America – is proud to announce that the company has completed its renovation and restoration of one of the finest golf courses in Colombia, Briceño 18.

Briceño 18 Golf Course is one of the longest golf courses in Colombia. It measures out at 7,400 yards long and plays to a par 72. The 18-hole golf course is nestled within a sports complex that boasts a great driving range, a golf school, a restaurant with unbelievable barbeque, a playground for kids and pets as well as an event centre that hosts music festivals. It is an inclusive destination where people from all over Colombia visit and enjoy, including Colombia’s golfing great – Sebastian Muñoz, currently ranked 70th in the world. He proudly calls Briceño 18 Golf Course his home course.

Not only was Pizá Golf commissioned to redesign all 18-holes but reengineer the functionality of the golf course. Drainage needed to be reworked on the fairways, bunkers, and greens. Ownership wanted the best operating and drainage system possible. This is where science meets art. Function first with aesthetics to follow.

The front nine at Briceño 18 is picturesque with views of the forest and magnificent mountains. The large lakes and bunkers are surrounded by tall trees, flora, and fauna. It is long and challenging for low handicap players. The back 9-holes is a links-style golf course, very similar to those in Scotland with low shrubs, wide greens and wicked winds.

“Links styled golf courses are in my repertoire. They epitomize my Scottish experience and schooling. But I like to blend old with new, so I designed some cool and sculptured grass bunkers with railroad ties. Aesthetically, they fuse beautifully,” added Pizá. “And Big shout out to ‘lead shaper and superintendent’ Ruben Arenas who work tirelessly during the Covid crisis. There were times he was out there by himself. This project wouldn’t be finished without him. Thank you!”

Pizá modernized all 18-holes. He brought undulation to the fairways and putting greens, grassy mounds with pothole bunkers to the fairways, then accented the rough with escalating knolls all that work in harmony with each other and unifies both 9-holes.

“I typically am inspired by nature when designing or renovating a golf course. Briceño 18 was different. I was moved by the owner – William Vinasco. A very passionate and generous man who gives back to his community. I wanted to give him the VERY best golf course I could and I believe I delivered exactly that,” added Pizá.

Pizá Golf’s approach and philosophy to a renovation is unique. He adheres to his “Reassessment Techniques” and they include:

  • Gratitude
  • Direct communication with nature
  • Homage to the beauty surrounding the golf course
  • Sustainability – ecological & economical
  • What if? Tangibles and Intangibles
  • Alternative – multi-purpose
  • Inclusive (Real important during and post virus
  • Raise revenues / ROI

About Pizá Golf Founder – Arch. Agustin Pizá, MSc:

Award winning architect Agustin has earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from ITESM and a Master’s Degree in Golf Course Architecture from Edinburgh University in Scotland. He is a proud member of both the European Institute and the American Society of Golf Course Architects. For 22 years, Pizá has worked with legends of the game and world class golf developments. His designs are known for delivering quality, aesthetic and strategic golf courses.

Pizá Golf has been recognized with many international accolades and has garnered a reputation for “Re-defining Golf Facilities” with their concepts – Wellness Golf and Lounge Golf. Pizá and the company have worked and have been involved in more than 60 projects on three continents.

Pizá has been published in 13 countries and some highlights include: Forbes, Golf Digest, Mexico and Spain, Expansión Magazine, Obras Magazine, Canadian Golf Magazine and Golf Course Architecture Magazine, England.

Pizá proudly represents the following companies as an Ambassador:

  • Cadillac
  • G2 Academy
  • First Tee of Mexico
  • IWC Schaffhausen
  • The Kingdom – TaylorMade Golf
  • Maui Jim

For more information on Pizá Golf, please visit the company website: